The Fitna of Ulema (Muslim Scholars) being imprisoned and excepting Islamic Verdicts from them whilst they are Imprisoned

Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya (rh) said: “And as for his (i.e. Imâm Ahmad’s) saying, ‘The Fifth (Condition) is Knowledge of the People,’ This is a great fundamental, which both the one who issues theFatwâ and the judge, require. (This is) because if he does not comprehend that – or does notcomprehend the ordering and the forbidding – and then he implements one upon the other(i.e. knowledge of the Sharî’ah without knowledge of the people, or vice versa), the only thingthat happens is that corruption increases and becomes larger than what gets rectified. So if hedoes not have (a strong) comprehension in the issue, but he has knowledge of the people, thenthe oppressor will appear to him like the victim, and vice versa. And the truthful person willtake on the appearance of the liar, and vice versa (to the point where) the plotting, deceivingand trickery will encompass him. And then the Zindîq will appear to be a Siddîq (i.e. genuineone) to him and the liar will appear to be the truthful one. And every liar wears false clothing;underneath which are sins, lies and immorality. And he, due to his ignorance of the people andtheir conditions, their customs and their traditions, will be unable to differentiate this one from that one. Instead, he must be knowledgeable in recognizing the plots of the people, their deceptions, their trickery, their customs and their traditions. This is because the Fatwâ changes, due to the changing of the era, the place, the customs and the conditions. And all of that is from the Religion of Allâh, as its clarification has passed, and with Allâh is the Granting of Success.”

[I’lâm Al-Muwaqqi’în, Vol. 4/223-224]


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